PC Repair and Computer Maintenance


PC tune up service combines mechanical and technical skills to keep your computer in a good working state. Yuko Technologies employ a team of highly skilled professionals having years of expertise in computer maintenance and PC repair to optimize your system speed and make it work faster than never before. Our technicians are capable of quickly performing basic computer troubleshooting steps, such as

  • Check plug-in issues

  • Ensure applications are running slowly

  • Fix frozen/stuck application

  • Perform disk defragmentation to optimize Windows drivers

  • Resolve rebooting issues

  • Check if mouse & keyboard is not working properly

  • Computer screen is blank

  • Fix frequent pop-up ads appearing on your desktop

  • Virus scans for malware/adware/spyware/viruses

  • Backup critical data

  • Install driver/software updates


By availing our superior remote tech services, you can resolve all your computer problems in no time at highly affordable prices.

Check Up PC

At Yuko Technologies, we offer the best tech support service for your PC's health. Our experts ensure that your PC stays protected against the worst internet threats and cyber-attacks.

Scope of Service and Features

  • We remove clutter from your PC via remote tech support help – Our technicians take a look at your disk space and accordingly keep a tab on the temporary and cached files such as those stored in Windows temporary directories as well as in the Recycle bin/ browser directories. Such files areremoved after careful evaluation.

  • Quicker broadband connection – We check your HTTP connections and come up with ways to improve all connection settings such as TCP configurations. This also improves surfing and downloading experiences.

  • Boosting PC Speed – Wecheckthe hard disk space and help to speed up a computer so thatsufficient amount of disk space is available. Our tech support professionals also guide you to free up disk space for optimal usage.

  • Keep PC up to date – Our tech representatives check your windows updates and versions. They ensure that the latest updates are duly installed in your machine. We also recommend best ways to sort probable issues.


Computer Setup and Installation Support

Are you looking for computer setup and installation? If you are looking for professionals who can install your PC/Laptop, then you have landed on the right place. We are Yuko Technologies! Our professionals configure your system and meet your requirements.

Our professionals are skilled and can install software and hardware on your system and make it more powerful. They can enhance the speed of your computer easily. You can talk to our task force of professionals and seek advice from them.

You can contact us if you are facing any kind of issues with your system. Our technicians also install various anti-virus programs which protect your system against Viruses and Malwares.

Advantages of remote computer repair


Online computer repair service is the best way to get your computer the help it needs right away! No wasting gas taking your computer in to a repair facility and no time waiting for a technician to return your call or come to your home or office. We are available for you on your schedule whether it is morning, afternoon or middle of the night!

Online Computer Repair .com is also the best solution when it comes to protecting your private information. When your computer is left in a store you have no idea what is being looked at but with Online Computer Repair .com we only see what you see while we repair your computer right before your eyes! Beware of those companies that can black out your screen while 'repairing' your computer.

This type of technology is fast becoming the preferred method of repair for home and business computer users for convenience and security.

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