iMac SSD Upgrade

Is your iMac running slow?

But you don't have a budget to buy a new one.

Even if you spend $1500 to buy a new iMac, you will still get a VERY SLOW machine unless you spend a few hundred more to configure it with a Solid State Drive.

You can check the results of any SSD upgraded machine on YouTube

(like this one: ) just watch the one on the bottom right corner

Unfortunately, unlike a laptop, upgrading your hard drive to an iMac involves special tools and expertise, as there are some reliable components, but this is where I can help you.

What is included in the price, and how long does the procedure take?

For customers in the Chicago area, the price includes the pickup from your home/office, all the parts (SSD, Thermal Sensor, Adhesive Tapes for the screen, etc.), the installation of macOS (you can choose your preferred version), or starting the restoration of a Time Machine Backup.

The repair is done within 1-3 working days (usually 1-2) plus the delivery time (will be sent with next day delivery)

Our Guarantee

We've been repairing iMac's for over 10 years at Apple, so you can order confidently. Your machine will be handled with the utmost care.

We only work with the best quality parts to ensure the best reliability/performance. I only use Crucial or Samsung SSDs as they consistently perform on the top during benchmarks, and they both offer a 5-year warranty on the New V-NAND Technology equipped drives. These brands have been around for decades. For the SSDs to work flawlessly, I also need to use a thermal sensor on selected machines, which will ensure proper operation of the drive. These and all other necessary components are sourced from the highest quality retailers.

So what is an SSD (Solid State Drive)?

The reason old machines could perform at similar speeds as the new ones is in the past few years the Processor Manufacturers moved their focus to more power-efficient processors (Similar to cars) so both the new and old machines perform at similar speeds, but the new one might be a little more power-efficient.

The critical bottleneck in all the iMac models is the built a hard drive that uses an ancient technology with Spinning Magnetic Disk and heads that reads the data from the disk. For every operation on the machine, a file needs to be read or written and as a result of the head moving back and forth, there is a lag! with more demanding applications, this read and write operations have massively increased.

 Imagine that the processor (brain) of the machine could read a book and it could process 10 pages in a second, BUT the hands (The Hard Drive) can only turn about 2-3 pages in a second. Then much of the brain's capacity is wasted. When you are using an SSD, it can easily turn the 10 pages in a second, so in real life, the machine will run about 3 times faster as a result.

Please make sure you have a backup prior to the appointment. If you need help/advice on this I'm happy to guide you through when I call to book the appointment.


- Please note, if your iMac is still covered under the Apple Warranty, this upgrade will void it, so it's best to do with older machines without any warranty (not because it's done badly, simply because it's not done by Apple)

- This is very unlikely, but if you experience a fault with the SSD within 30 days, and it's verified with an app like mart utility, I can replace it free of charge and refund any postage that occurs. But the reason I chose these 2 brands is their unparalleled reliability.

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