Viruses Are Everywhere


Many people believe that because they have antivirus software, they can't get a virus. This is not true! There is no such thing as a brick wall to stop them. About 1 million new viruses are created each day, it takes time for the antivirus companies to find them and get them into their database.

How We Can Help


We don't solely rely on automated scanners. We use a combination of tech tools and manual virus removal. This means that our technicians will manually review the items running at startup and in memory that may be affecting your computer. We will remove anything that appears malicious even if you didn't know you had it.

Slow PC Issues


Computers get bogged down over time, it's a fact of life. The more you use them the more extra items get created on the computer. These items all load at the same time when starting your computer, and can also run in the background even though you don't need them. When they take up too much memory, your performance can be affected.

How We Can Help


We work with slow computers on a daily basis. Our technicians will go through your computer and remove unnecessary items. These are not your personal programs or files, they are files that you didn't even know existed and just pile up in the background over time. All of out technicians are capable of locating these items and cleaning on your system to make it perform more efficiently.

Hardware Issues


Hardware issues can happen at any time. These include desktops that won't power on, failing hard drives, new computer setups, laser printer service, WIFI or other connectivity problems, and many others. Keep in mind that if your computers has power but won't boot up, we can usually help you online much cheaper (about 50% less) and faster. Call us with your issue and we'll let you know which method is best.

How We Can Help


We have a network of technicians nationwide, and can normally dispatch them to your location same or next day. If you have an emergency we may even be able to get a tech out over the weekends. Prices are based on both the issue and your location, so call or chat with us to discuss the service. Keep in mind that for most issues we can offer a flat price, regardless of how long it takes so that you will know your bill upfront.

Error Messages Can Happen


Software is not perfect, with millions of code lines something is bound to go wrong. It is constantly interacting with other software and doesn't always play nice. It is also possible that through updates something may have become corrupted. Some errors may just go away after clicking ok, but others may prevent your computer from booting.


How We Can Help


We have been around for so long that we have seem thousands of different errors happen on computers. There is almost always a workaround to stop errors from happening, and you can be sure that our technicians will find it. We will try to fix the error, if your computer isn't loading to Windows we will try to boot it into a diagnostic mode so that we can still work on the problem. In the event that is is very severe, we can assist with file backup and Windows re-install which is always our absolute last option.


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