We are serving Chicago, Chicago downtown, and  Chicagoland suburbs. Yuko provides premium quality computer  support services to homes and businesses nationwide. We offer a safe and convenient online support as well as support for homes and offices.

We can offer remote tech support to fix all of the computer issues that come up and disrupt the staff's work at a very budget friendly price.


We are able to remotely troubleshoot both printers and computers and set them up. Whether it's a wireless printer not printing, a freezing computer or strangely behaving programs, such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird etc – we will help. We can fix more than 80% of issues without you having to leave your home, and for a great price.

  • RAM or memory upgrade

  • Computer data recovery

  • Computer motherboard repair

  • Virus or spyware infection

  • Computer running slow

  • Corrupt software

  • Computer power jack repair

  • Computer hard drive or SSD upgrade

  • No power


Whether it is in your home or in your office, a PC or Mac, our computer repair technicians get the job done right. We pride ourselves on fast, affordable and convenient computer repair and technology services.


We understand that not everyone is techy – that's why we will illustrate everything we do during your remote computer repair in detail, explain the reason behind issues and show you how to avoid those problems in the future. We offer a very popular remote virus removal service to make sure your computer is working as it should and all your personal files are safe.


Let's say you've been hit by a virus or your browser is acting up, giving you errors and you cannot surf the web. We can clean up your computer without you having to even get up. We have removed malware from thousands of computers and we will be sure to take care of yours.


YuKo provides fast, affordable solutions to residential clients. Our technicians can provide service direct to your home on the same day you call, including weekends and evenings. Let us take care of all of your computer repair and service needs!

Yuko Care Business

Yuko will keep an eye on your system health so everything will go smoothly. Our Yuko Care packages offer you complete peace of mind with our business computer antivirus, maintenance and with our unlimited remote support, there will be no delays in work.
Once a virus has entered the system, it might be too late.


If your Wi-Fi network is spotty, you have connection problems or trouble setting up your new router, you probably need a Yuko on-site to troubleshoot and advise you. We are experts who use dependable and strong networking solutions that make the most sense for your needs.


Our technicians provide fast, affordable business computer services and IT Support Services with same day, weekend and evening appointments. We work with all of our clients to ensure they have the right hardware and software to meet their company's needs.  Let us be your business IT service for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house! 

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