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contact us now to schedule a servicing. Yuko provides premium quality computer repair and support services to homes and businesses nationwide. We offer a safe and convenient online support as well as support for homes and offices. 

Yuko Technologies provides responsive, professional IT support and technology services for your business, performing regular ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and backups - everything necessary to ensure an efficient, safe, and reliable IT environment

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Business service
Business services

We offer remote and in-house tech support to fix all of the computer issues that come up and disrupt the staff's work at a very budget friendly price. More info

Remote support for all OS
Remote support for all OS

Remote tech support to fix all of the computer issues that come up. More Info

Personal computers
Personal computers

Our professional and reliable engineers offer in-home computer repair services in the Chicagoland area to make sure your issues get resolved quickly and without hassle. More Info

Our managed IT services include back up and data recovery, data storage services, antivirus installation and maintenance, IT support, network installation and maintenance, onsite and remote computer support, installation and maintenance of computer networks, and general software and hardware needs that suit specific customer needs. Our expert IT consultants are always at hand to discuss your needs and offer workable IT solutions that suit your specific needs.


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